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TR Lab
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Code Audit History
Fundamental protection and assessment
TR Lab audit is in progress - 100%
Project Scheduled10/12/2021
This project is scheduled for a security assessment. Our security experts are currently onboarding the client and preparing to initiate the audit process.
Audit Ongoing10/12/2021
This project is currently being assessed by our security experts. Once the assessment is complete, a preliminary report will be shared with the project team for their review.
Project Reviewing10/22/2021
A preliminary report has been shared with the project team for their review. Once the review is complete, our security experts will work with the team to remediate the findings.
Remediating Findings10/22/2021
Our security experts are working closely with the project team to review any updates made to the implementation based on recommendations provided in the preliminary report.
Final Report Delivered10/23/2021
The final report has been delivered to the project team after extensive review of the findings and appropriate changes.
Disclaimer:This project is still undergoing security assessments by CertiK. Conduct your own due diligence before deciding to use any info listed at this page.