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Skynet Security Primitive #1: Social Sentiment
Skynet Security Primitive #1: Social Sentiment

Skynet is a scalable security solution that leverages automated technologies to check deployed smart contracts for vulnerabilities. There are six metrics – called Security Primitives – that Skynet uses to arrive at an overall security score, on a scale of 0-100. 

In this short series, we’re going to dive into each of these six primitives and take a look at the different areas they cover and data they provide. 

At the end of this series, you’ll better understand how Skynet stays ahead of the market to provide timely security insights. And you’ll gain knowledge of what to look out for when researching a project’s security, making your journey through the metaverse safer and more rewarding.

Social Sentiment

Social sentiment is the first of the six Skynet tabs you’ll find on the Security Leaderboard.

On this visual dashboard, you can immediately see key information relating to the project’s current trends across social platforms. 

Keywords are weighted by popularity. As you can see above, the most popular phrase associated with PancakeSawp is $cake – the platform’s token.

There is also a breakdown of overall positivity and negativity. One third of all mentions of PancakeSwap are positive, according to Skynet’s advanced sentiment processing framework. Two thirds are neutral, while just 3.7% is negative.

The graph on the top-right shows you the project’s Twitter account activity over time. This is broken down into tweets, retweets, and favorites. A healthy project will maintain engagement on its social platforms.

Social sentiment is the first of six Security Primitives we’ll be looking at in this series. It’s a helpful tool to help you (and Skynet) gauge the level of activity and engagement a project has, while also getting an idea of how positive people are feeling about it. The popular keywords tool is also a great way to explore new projects and find out how they’re all interlinked.

Stay tuned for the rest of this series, where we’ll be exploring the different Security Primitives that make up Skynet’s comprehensive security analysis.