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CertiK Monthly Update: November
CertiK Monthly Update: November

Between DevCon5, Eurasia Blockchain Summit, and SF Blockchain Week, the CertiK team has built the first CREATE2 Audit Tool, continued development on CertiKOS, secured leading blockchain projects, and much more!

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CertiKOS is the world’s first operating system that runs on multi-core processors and shields against cyber attacks — a milestone that could lead to a new generation of reliable and secure systems software.

Check out our video highlighting the research behind the development

CREATE2 Audit Tool

In February 2019, the Constantinople hard fork introduced new changes to the Ethereum Virtual Machine, including a new instruction called CREATE2.

With CREATE2, in certain circumstances it’s possible to change the code of a smart contract that has already been deployed. CertiK has created the first easy-to-use tool for determining if a smart contract can be maliciously altered using CREATE2.

Simply enter the address of the smart contract you wish to audit and our tool will tell you if it’s vulnerable!

Security Spotlights

CertiK’s New Partner: ORION

ORION’s commitment to security is the reason they chose to partner with the industry leader in blockchain security. CertiK will audit not only the smart contracts built on ORION, but also the core modules that build the foundation.

VSYS Smart Contract Audit

CertiK worked to audit V SYSTEM’s Non-Turing-Complete smart contract technology. The development is planned into three phases: token creation, token trading, and optimal token performance. Considering that technology is constantly adapting, V SYSTEMS will eventually adopt the Turing-Complete model.

Reserve Protocol's RSV Case Study

Backed by a basket of stablecoins including USDC, PAX, and TUSD, $RSV is a stable and universally-accepted currency for people and businesses in countries with high inflation. CertiK completed audits for RSV’s Ownable, ReserveEternalStorage, Reserve, Vault, Basket, Proposal, and Manager smart contracts

Must Reads

Shanghai Blockchain Week Recap

Professor Zhong Shao spoke at the 5th Annual Global Summit during Shanghai blockchain week about trustworthy blockchain ecosystems. Professor Shao is the co-founder of CertiK, and the Computer Science department chair at Yale University.

Blockchain Trilemma

While some developers believe that the blockchain data structure itself has inherent limitations that prevent it from scaling, many architects, including CertiK, believe that it’s possible to build a blockchain project that hits all three targets: one that is scalable, decentralized, and secure.

Decentralized Finance

DeFi offers an alternative method that moves control from centralized entities back to the people. While the advantages of adopting DeFi methods may be impactful, the technology and use-cases of DeFi are still in an early stage and security may be an issue.

Consequences of Ethereum’s New Hard Fork

The Ethereum network is actively evolving, and developers are planning to introduce many changes in efforts to scale its current limit of 20 transactions per second to over hundreds of thousands of transactions per second. We’re here to help you understand how Ethereum’s code might change and what the impact of these updates are.

Smart Contracts 101

Learn the history and basics of smart contracts and how they enhance the functionality of blockchain technology.

Smart Contract Vulnerabilities

After conducting hundreds of smart contract audits across a multitude of use cases, we’ve compiled a few common — and sometimes fatal — vulnerabilities that you’ll want to remember in order to prevent some not-so-smart bugs.


We are proud to have one of our co-founders, Professor Ronghui Gu, win the best paper award at the 27th ACM Symposium on Operating Systems Principles. “Scaling Symbolic Evaluation for Automated Verification of Systems Code with Serval” was 2 out of the 38 accepted papers and 276 submissions.

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The CertiK Team