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Audit Complete - XEND Finance

CertiK | Apr 30

The CertiK Security Team has successfully completed an audit of XEND Finance’s smart contract’s delta related to the rewarding group creator. The code in the audit is comprised of code related to rewarding a group's creator with a percentage of the commission fee as well as to track total $XEND token rewards. A summary of the audit and its findings follows up.

Convergence Secure Their Ecosystem with a CertiK Partnership

CertiK | Apr 26

[CertiK ](https://www.certik.io/)has set out on a joint strategic venture alongside [Convergence Finance ](https://conv.finance/)to ensure the security of their protocol and wider ecosystem. With Converge Finance’s security-centric approach, something which is naturally shared by CertiK, we’re confident that the team have paved the way for a deep level of trust and reliability in their project.

CompliFi Secures their AMM with a CertiK Security Audit

CertiK | Mar 31

The codebase for CompliFi's automated market maker (AMM) pool contract has undergone an audit by the CertiK Auditing Team. Through the utilization of this AMM, anyone is able to create a pool and finalize it, following that any user is able to join the pool and receive pool tokens. The summary of the audit and its findings follows up.

Zenfuse - Token Timelock Security Verification

CertiK | Mar 25

The Zenfuse Team has successfully undergone an audit of their ‘Token Timelock’, an ERC-20 timebased lock mechanism most often utilized to release developer funds at a certain point in the future. A summary of the audit and its findings as documented by the CertiK Professional Services Division follows up.

Ternoa’s Native Token Implementation Successfully Audited By CertiK

CertiK | Mar 10

We’re happy to announce that the implementation of Ternoa blockchain’s native token CapsuleCoin, was successfully audited by CertiK Professional Services Division. In this spotlight, we elaborate on the scope of the audit, as well as present some of the issues found during the auditing process.