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FRAX Finance Audits Its Stablecoin Protocol With CertiK

CertiK | Nov 24

We are excited to announce that Frax’s two-token, highly autonomous stablecoin protocol has been successfully audited with CertiK.

Ocean Protocol Secures V3 Contracts Implementation With CertiK

CertiK | Nov 3

Ocean Protocol, a decentralized data exchange protocol to unlock data for the broader AI industry, announced the release of Ocean V3, which introduces a series of new concepts and functions to accompany the existing protocol. All V3 contracts featuring Datatokens, the Ocean Market, and IDOs (Initial Data Offerings), were successfully audited by CertiK Professional Services Division, signifying the green-light for Ocean Protocol’s next venture.

AllianceBlock Joins Forces With CertiK To Secure Decentralized Capital Markets

CertiK | Oct 29

We are excited to announce Alliance Block proceeds with building the first regulated decentralized capital market after ensuring the security and integrity of international settlements in their domestic network, with a holistic audit by Certik

Kava Labs Successfully Verifies Its Confidence In Harvest.io With Third CertiK Audit

CertiK | Oct 27

We’re proud to announce that Kava has audited the implementation of Harvest.io with CertiK, successfully verifying its confidence in the new module.

Summer Defi Spotlight

CertiK | Oct 22

Innovating at a speed that makes weeks feel like months (remember Sushiswap? That was like 5 weeks ago) doesn’t have to be scary - here’s a list of DeFi projects we think are going to change the world.