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Summer Defi Spotlight

CertiK | Oct 22

Innovating at a speed that makes weeks feel like months (remember Sushiswap? That was like 5 weeks ago) doesn’t have to be scary - here’s a list of DeFi projects we think are going to change the world.

CertiK Audits PlotX Protocol To Ensure Integrity Of Token Smart Contracts

CertiK | Oct 9

CertiK is proud to announce another successful audit of the PlotX Smart Contracts by CertiK Professional Services.

DeepSEA Version 1.0 with eWasm & Ants Release

CertiK | Sept 18

CertiK is proud to announce version 1.0 of the DeepSEA compiler. You can download the executable and examples from the [github releases page](https://github.com/CertiKProject/deepsea-preview/releases). There are two major improvements in this release. First, the compiler is now complete enough to support practical smart contracts. Second, in addition to Ethereum 1.0 and the CertiK Chain, we have added experimental support for compiling to Ethereum 2.0 style WebAssembly.

CertiK Audits Terra’s New CosmWasm Smart Contract Solution

CertiK | Sept 11

Terra, one of the largest blockchain payment networks, is supported by a family of stablecoins which are pegged to the world's major currencies. The main goal of the CosmWASM solution is to provide functionality that allows smart contracts to interact with other smart contracts, and be deployed on different blockchain platforms. The solution is a WebAssembly smart contract system, and is based on the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint BFT consensus protocol.

AllianceBlock and CertiK's Audit Procedure

CertiK | Sept 11

The CertiK team was contracted by the AllianceBlock team to audit the design and implementation of their smart contracts, and its compliance with the EIPs it’s meant to execute on.