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Ape in with Ease with Skynet Liquidity Monitoring

CertiK | Dec 10

Trading on decentralized exchanges can be a daunting experience at times. The Liquidity Monitoring section of Skynet can help you make informed decisions and navigate the DeFi space more securely. Take advantage of Liquidity Monitoring by enabling Skynet today.

Skynet Security Primitive #4: Market Analysis

CertiK | Dec 8

Skynet is a scalable security solution that leverages automated technologies to check deployed smart contracts for vulnerabilities. There are six metrics – called Security Primitives – that Skynet uses to arrive at an overall security score, on a scale of 0-100. At the end of this series, you’ll better understand how Skynet stays ahead of the market to provide timely security insights. And you’ll gain knowledge of what to look out for when researching a project’s security, making your journey through the metaverse safer and more rewarding.

CertiK integrates with Arbitrum and Optimism

CertiK | Dec 3

all projects launching on either Optimism or Arbitrum will have full access to the Skynet monitoring and analytics suite should they choose to enable it for their project. The resources committed to bringing this feature were quite intense, in fact we had to pull all data off of both of these chains in order to integrate them with Skynet.

What is a Timelock?

CertiK | Dec 3

In light of the numerous hacks, scams, and rugpulls across various DeFi platforms, timelocks are one indicator that a project is legitimate. Timelocks have been used by many project owners to demonstrate their commitment to the ongoing health of their platform.

CertiK Closes $80M Investment Round at a Nearly $1B Valuation

CertiK | Dec 1

CertiK recently closed an $80M, Series B2 round of financial funding. What makes this so interesting is that this round not only is the single largest round of fundraising for a company in the blockchain security space, but this funding now brings CertiK’s total valuation to nearly $1 Billion.