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Ask the Expert: Sheraz Arshad

CertiK | Aug 18

Another day, another #AskTheExpert! This week we’re dishing out a treat with an insight into a day-in-the-life of Sheraz Arshad, CertiK Security Engineer, and all-around ace guy. Like all of our team members, Sheraz plays an essential role in the CertiK ecosystem and, by default, the security of the entire blockchain ecosystem.

Transaction Operations for a Common Token Transfer

CertiK | Aug 18

When it comes to Ethereum, the first thing that comes to mind may well be “gas fee”. Nowadays, the mainnet of major blockchain projects are online, and their synonyms for ‘transaction fees’ are often inseparable from the word “gas”. The high gas fee has always been a sore point for blockchain transactions, especially for smaller scale investors. With the increase of blockchain projects and the expansion of the market, the number of transactions on the blockchain and the average gas consumption of transactions has increased.

CertiK Raises $24m in Series B+ Funding Round from Tiger Global

CertiK | Aug 17

In less than one month, CertiK closes a second fundraising round, bringing its total fundraising efforts to over $70M. This comes as CertiK enters a phase of hyper growth and recognition as blockchain’s leading security firm.

Ask the Expert: Xinyuan Sun

CertiK | Jul 22

The CertiK Team is truly international. With a team which reflects the decentralised nature of a blockchain itself, we’re able to achieve incredible results when it comes to innovation in the blockchain security space. Not least because of people like Xinyuan, the latest team member in our Ask the Expert series.

CertiK Completes Series B Funding - Raising over $37M!

CertiK | Jul 14

The CertiK Family of investors continues to grow with backing from Coatue Management, Shunwei Capital, and Coinbase Ventures