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CertiK Foundation: On the Road to Mainnet
CertiK Foundation: On the Road to Mainnet

After a successful Open Beta, the CertiK Foundation is excited to share that the CertiK Chain will launch Mainnet in Spring 2020! Here’s what to expect in the coming weeks:

1. Full Testnet launch

The full-feature CertiK Chain Testnet will include:

  • Chain compatibility: Smart contracts running on Ethereum’s EVM can seamlessly be integrated onto the CertiK Chain
  • Built-in security: Smart contracts built natively on the CVM can validate other smart contracts, in either cryptographic or mathematical form
  • DeepWallet: Send and receive crypto, view your balance, stake tokens, and deploy your smart contracts straight from your wallet

2. Rewards and bounty programs

With the launch of the Full Testnet, we’ll need your help taking the Chain for a test drive! Whether you’re QA-ing the DeepWallet’s staking functionality or uncovering a bug in the chain protocol itself, there will be plenty of ways to participate in our token programs.

3. Upcoming announcements

In addition to our testnet launch announcement, you’ll get updates about the Chain through a series of articles on governance, the token economic model, consensus, CertiKOS, and more.

Want to get involved with the CertiK Chain? Make sure to sign up for CertiK Foundation emails, where you’ll get all the chain-related news and updates, including how to participate in the upcoming Full Testnet.

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