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CertiK Raises $24m in Series B+ Funding Round from Tiger Global

CertiK | Aug 17

In less than one month, CertiK closes a second fundraising round, bringing its total fundraising efforts to over $70M. This comes as CertiK enters a phase of hyper growth and recognition as blockchain’s leading security firm.

Ask the Expert: Adrian

CertiK | Jun 1

Being able to help secure the new financial institutions and applications of the internet is something I would never dream of. Check out the latest from our #AskTheExpert series, with profiles from our employees across all teams and offices

A Certified Version of the Uniswap V2 Contract: A Leap Forward in True Decentralization

CertiK | May 27

Our research team at CertiK is excited to share our certified version of Uniswap V2, the provably correct, certified version that replaces trusted parties with cryptography, formal methods-driven program constructs, and game-theoretical incentive alignment. For those inclined, we’ve put together a detailed explanation of our research in this article.

How to Prepare for a Security Audit

CertiK | May 17

Security audits have cemented themselves as a necessary tool in the arsenal of every type of blockchain-based project when it comes to securing their protocol and, importantly, their user’s funds.

Exploiting a Smart Contract without Security Vulnerabilities: Analysis of True Seigniorage Dollar Attack Event

CertiK | Mar 17

On March 14th, the CertiK Security Team discovered a novel type of attack which was leveraged against the DeFi stablecoin project; True Seigniorage Dollar. The attack resulted in a total loss of approximated $16,600. In order to conduct this, the attacker took advantage of the principle of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) mechanism in order to conduct an attack without manipulating conventional ‘vulnerabilities’.