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Nexus Mutual Attack: 8 Million Lost

CertiK | Dec 15

At 09:40 am UTC, Dec 14, 2020, CertiK Skynet found a large transaction from Hugh Karp, the founder of Nexus Mutual, which transferred a total of 370,000 NXM tokens to an unknown account. The total value of tokens is approximately 8.33 million US dollars.

Auditing Substrate Based Systems in Rust

CertiK | Dec 3

As a systems programming language, Rust is fast and memory-efficient, thread-safe and memory-safe, with predictable performance, expansive documentation, an amazing tool stack and an extremely welcoming community.

DeepSEA Version 1.0 with eWasm & Ants Release

CertiK | Sept 18

CertiK is proud to announce version 1.0 of the DeepSEA compiler. You can download the executable and examples from the [github releases page](https://github.com/CertiKProject/deepsea-preview/releases). There are two major improvements in this release. First, the compiler is now complete enough to support practical smart contracts. Second, in addition to Ethereum 1.0 and the CertiK Chain, we have added experimental support for compiling to Ethereum 2.0 style WebAssembly.

2020/08/13 Yam Finance Smart Contract Bug Analysis & Future Prevention

CertiK | Aug 13

In the case of this bug, an excess of YAM tokens would be printed, causing a larger supply to dilute the intended price, meaning that the value of each YAM token would decrease--hurting investors.

Is Your Blockchain Explorer Safe from Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks?

CertiK | Jul 28

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the mistakes that developers made that led to a DoS attack, the impact of a DoS attack, and recommendations on how to protect the application.