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Introducing Social Influencer Profiles

CertiK is excited to announce the release of a new due diligence tool to help you conduct social analysis: Social Influencer Profiles.

Social Influencer Profiles are pages dedicated to influential figures and accounts in the crypto, blockchain, NFT, and Web3 space. Data is compiled from an Influencer’s Twitter profile to generate insights on their social activity, network influence, and the public sentiment surrounding them.

These accounts are valuable sources of information for the latest news, developments, and insights, and are a helpful jumping-off point for anyone seeking to learn more about blockchain and crypto but struggling to figure out where to start. Social Influencer Profiles compile key information about an Influencer or influential account and make it easy for you to discover leading voices in the field.

Introducing Social Influencer Profiles

Social Influencer Features

Informational labels give you quick insight into the category of Influencer you’re viewing and helps characterize their activity. Some of these categories include:

  • Founder
  • Investor
  • Developer/Engineer
  • Organization
  • Government Figure

Other informational labels identify whether or not the Influencer is a prolific tweeter, whether or not they have a high RT rate, and between which blocks of time they are most active on Twitter. These labels give an immediate understanding of the Influencer’s social activity and the nature of their expertise.

CertiK uses a proprietary algorithm to generate an Influence Score for each account. The score reflects the extent to which an account is influential and can drive the narrative on social media about a topic or project. The account’s influence score is calculated based on the account’s engagement level, the type of content they post, and their interaction network. The scores and tiers (out of 5) may change based on the topic selected.

The Sentiment Index helps visualize changing public sentiment on an Influencer over a 30-day timespan.


Most Connected Influencers

Our Influencer network graph shows connected Influencers and their overlapping interest in crypto projects. We make it easy for you to discover new influencers who may post content that is of relevance or interest to you.

Top Mentions

Find out which projects an Influencer is talking about and how often they talk about it. We simplify the due diligence process by linking these projects directly to their CertiK Project Details page, where you can see the project's Security, Social, and Market profile.

Top Trending Posts

We identify recent tweets with the highest engagement so you don’t have to search for them. See an influencer’s top trending posts without having to scroll through their Twitter feed.

A New Due Diligence Tool

Strengthen your social analysis capabilities and discover influential figures and accounts in the crypto, blockchain, and NFT space (and more!) with Social Influencer Profiles. Social Influencer Profiles are a launchpad to help you discover influential figures, accounts, and resources for the latest news, developments, and insights.