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CertiK KYC is the leading identity verification and due diligence service in Web3, giving you the credibility you need to be trusted by your community.

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KYC for Project Teams is more important than ever

CertiK KYC provides private identity verification for project teams through a rigorous vetting process while maintaining the highest standards of data protection.

Build Transparency & Trust With Your Community

Voluntarily engaging in KYC establishes trust and transparency with your user base and legitimizes your team.

Establish Credibility Of Your Team

Maintain anonymity while verifying the identity of your team.

Leverage KYC for Leading Platforms

Many leading exchanges and launchpads now require KYC for project teams. These platforms unlock access to a larger investor base.

Partner with the industry-leading KYC provider

Prove Your Identity

CertiK KYC enables project teams to maintain their public anonymity while privately verifying their identity with our team.

Secure Process

Project teams can safely de-anonymize with CertiK's KYC process. We maintain the highest standards of data protection and privacy.

Experienced Investigators

Our team is comprised of experienced investigators with the resources, capacity, and expertise to facilitate your KYC process.

Trusted Provider Of KYC

CertiK is recognized as a market-leading provider of KYC and end-to-end security solutions for project teams.

The CertiK KYC Process

Our process is designed to verify your team's identity while protecting your privacy and confidential information.


Schedule an interview


Submit Documentation


Internal Review


KYC Badge Issuance

The CertiK KYC Badge

Upon successful completion of the KYC process, your project is issued the CertiK KYC Badge. This is displayed on your project's Security Leaderboard profile and serves as verifiable proof that all verification standards have been met. A CertiK KYC Badge increases trust and transparency between your project and its community.

Additionally, our badges can be displayed directly on your project website through our feature, Emblem.

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