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CertiK is the leading and main auditor for Aptos blockchain. CertiK’s Security Suite combines curated on-chain data analysis, cutting-edge AI technology, and advanced formal verification processes to provide the highest and most comprehensive standard of Web3 security.

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Top Aptos Projects
Aptos is a novel Layer 1 blockchain that aims to provide safety, scalability, reliability and upgradeability. Aptos is developed by many of the same engineers who worked on Diem, Facebook’s now-defunct foray into cryptocurrency payments. Aptos integrates the Rust-based Move programming language for quick and secure transaction execution.
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How CertiK’s Security Suite Secures the Future of Aptos

CertiK’s Security Suite equips Aptos with a defense-in-depth approach to security that is strong enough to defend against attack while remaining agile enough to keep pace with rapid growth. From pre-deployment auditing to continuous post-deployment monitoring with blockchain analytics tools like Skynet, CertiK has the tools Aptos projects need to realize their ambitions. Protecting the Aptos community and ecosystem should be the number one priority for all users and builders. Aptos partners with CertiK to gain access to our unparalleled understanding of the opportunities and challenges involved with building on this novel Layer One.

How Aptos Smart Contract Audits Work

CertiK deploys highly accurate formal verification auditing to effectively review each line of code with high quality.

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Why Choose CertiK?

Aptos Labs selected CertiK to perform the critical task of carrying out Aptos smart contract audits. Our team of experts audited the project’s implementation of the Move programming language as well as fundamental infrastructure such as the Aptos consensus protocol, virtual machine, mempool, node state synchronization process, and execution and storage modules. Our team of expert auditors analyzed the code for potential vulnerabilities, made optimization recommendations, and highlighted privileged functions for the benefit of the community. This comprehensive examination of the entire Aptos blockchain gives our auditors an unparalleled understanding of the ecosystem.

What Else We Offer

card KYC Verification

KYC Verification

Through a rigorous process that uses both AI and human verification, we verify the identities of your team to reassure users that their investment is in safe hands.

card Skynet


Skynet generates in-time insights of on-chain activity, allowing project teams to be alerted of any suspicious events and saving precious time in anticipating and responding to attack.

card SkyTrace


SkyTrace helps Aptos projects to visualize the flow of funds occurring on-chain, which has proven an essential tool for projects in both anticipating and responding to attack.

card Bug Bounties

Bug Bounties

CertiK’s bug bounty programs allow projects to utilize the intelligence of ethical hackers to further derisk their code from additional vulnerabilities.