Crypto Compliance, AML & Risk Management

SkyInsights is a blockchain intelligence platform offering real-time risk monitoring, AML and compliance analytics for the evolving crypto security and regulatory landscape.

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Simplifying Crypto Compliance

SkyInsights makes crypto compliance and due diligence easy. In-depth wallet screening, real-time risk alerts, and a flexible platform create a unified solution for proactive crypto compliance management.

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Deep Insights

Leverage CertiK's extensive, continually-updated database for unrivaled threat identification and incident examination.

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Real-Time Transaction Monitoring and Alerts

SkyInsights' transaction monitoring tools provide round-the-clock protection and instant alerts for risky transactions.

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Seamless Integration

Integrate the API for the utmost flexibility, or utilize SkyInsights' advanced GUI for efficient transaction surveillance and case management.

The SkyInsights Suite

Simplify your crypto compliance and risk management with SkyInsights

Know Your Address (KYA)
"Are any of our wallets sanctioned, blacklisted, or exposed to financial crime?"

Ensure compliance, prevents money laundering, and safeguards customers and your organization. Features include:
  • Risk score evaluation
  • Detailed address attributes
  • Relevant statistical data to reduce false positives
  • Identification of sanctioned, blacklisted, or tainted addresses.

Know your Transaction (KYT)
"How can we ensure continuous monitoring and instant protection for out transactions?"

  • Get to Know Your Transactions with SkyInsights. Safeguard transactions with preset, compliance-focused alert rules.
  • Simplify integration using Auto-Wallet-Import API for automatic Web3 dApp wallet coverage.
  • Relevant statistical data to reduce false positives
  • SkyInsights offers a risk database with sub-10 minute refresh rate, keeping your team at the security forefront.

Customizable Case Management
"Can we manage risks at the project level?"

Supports company-level cryptocurrency compliance alerting rules, enabling you and your team to:
  • Focus on critical cases while monitoring a large number of addresses.
  • Adjust alerting rules for all affected cases, reducing unnecessary alerts and saving resources.
  • Benefit from efficient case management to monitor wallet addresses, optimize alerting rules, and manage project-level risks effectively.

Audit Trails and Reports
"Are we meeting our AML and compliance obligations?"

  • SkyInsights automatically generates audit trails, logs, and weekly reports. The platform tracks and summarizes all your risk investigations.
  • Comprehensive audit logs document every user action within the cases, preserving a transparent audit trail.
  • Stay informed with weekly and on-demand reports, providing updates on compliance-related threats and your team's diligent risk management efforts.
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SkyInsights API

Accessing and integrating SkyInsights data with speed and agility

SkyInsights REST API
Automate your workflows

SkyInsights offers premier blockchain risk APIs that drive, accelerate, and automate your crypto compliance management processes for optimal efficiency.
  • Know Your Address (KYA) Risk API
  • Know Your Transaction (KYT) API

Powerful Risk Analysis
Satisfy your crypto compliance obligations with SkyInsights

SkyInsights is designed to:
  • Be flexible and customizable, allowing for varying levels of detail based on your investigative needs,
  • Enable the thorough examination of events and exposures linked to an address or cryptocurrency transaction,
  • Effectively convey risks to relevant parties using evidence-based scores.

Transaction Risk Monitoring
Proactive risk analysis on your wallets

Catering to your real-time inspection or simulation needs, SkyInsights offers round-the-clock on-chain wallet screening and transaction monitoring. The platform effectively:
  • Identifies potentially risky transactions,
  • Equips you with crucial data for AML, CFT, KYT, reporting, and investigative purposes.