SkyInsights: Crypto Compliance, AML & Risk Management

SkyInsights provides real-time transaction monitoring, AML/CTF compliance solutions, and risk analytics to ensure VASPs meet their regulatory requirements.

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SkyInsights Highlights

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AML/CTF Compliance as a Service

Innovative AML/CTF Compliance Model

Define best practices and easily create rules to scale your compliance processes with dynamic regulatory requirements.

Real Real-Time Data

Our team of security experts pushes real-time updates on sanctions, exploits, hacks, and security incidents.
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Comprehensive Risk Analysis and Automation

Holistic Risk Analysis

SkyInsights' risk analysis incorporates the CertiK Risk Score (CRS)™ and Web3 security analytics for monitoring both on-chain and off-chain data.

Efficient Integrated Workflows

Automated workflows route transactions based on predefined criteria directly into your crypto custodian.
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Your End-to-End Compliance Solution

Quick and Easy SAR/STR Filling

Reduce time to file by 2-4 hours per SAR and STR filing. SkyInsights simplifies the process from narrative and data preparation to submission.

Unified Orchestration Layer

A Bring Your Own API Key approach integrates KYC, FinCEN Travel Rule, case management, and other blockchain analytics providers.
1.2 Billion+
Address labels
1 Million+
Tokens supported
16 chains with full and 8 with lite support
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Incidents detected since 2020

The SkyInsights Platform

Enhance your crypto compliance, risk management, and AML strategy with SkyInsights, an all-in-one transaction monitoring software and blockchain intelligence platform

Wallet and Address Screening

Screen all addresses - wallets, smart contracts, tokens, and more. SkyInsights' KYA/KYW includes:

  • Multi-chain and cross-chain risk evaluations and scores.
  • Comprehensive risk analysis, both on-chain and off-chain.
  • Smart contract-level risk scores informed by code complexity, transaction history, security best practices, and industry standards for compliance.

Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

Get to really Know Your Transaction (KYT) with:

  • 24/7 real-time and continuous transaction monitoring.
  • Real-time updates to sanctions lists, exploits, hacks, and security incidents.
  • Auto-wallet-import API for seamless integration with Web3 dApps.

Customizable Case Management

Rule-groups and customer-entity based case management features enable you and your team to:

  • Prioritize critical cases and efficiently monitor multiple addresses.
  • Streamline compliance and AML/CTF rules and rule-groups, reducing unnecessary alerts, decreasing workload, and saving cost.

Transaction Flow Analyzer

Take advantage of forensic investigation tools that allow:

  • Detailed tracing of cryptocurrency transactions across chains, including bridges and mixers.
  • Risk assessments by counterparty and exposure type.
  • Easy data exports to enhance reports for compliance and investigation teams.
Screen A Wallet
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The SkyInsights API

Seamlessly access and integrate SkyInsights data into existing systems

SkyInsights REST API

The SkyInsights REST API enables the easy integration of blockchain risk analysis into your compliance processes.

  • Know Your Address (KYA) API: Rapidly assesses the risk of blockchain addresses.
  • Know Your Transaction (KYT) API: Analyze transaction details in real-time, ensuring compliance and mitigating risk.

Powerful Risk Analysis

SkyInsights delivers tailored risk assessment tools for VASPs and Web3 dApps, combining flexibility with comprehensive security insights.

  • Customizable reports to fit varied investigative needs, offering different levels of analysis detail.
  • Enables the in-depth examination of events and exposures associated with blockchain addresses or cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Utilizes evidence-based scoring to communicate risks effectively to decision-makers and stakeholders.

Transaction Risk Monitoring

SkyInsights ensures your transactions are safe and compliant with real-time wallet screening and transaction monitoring.

  • Provides instant identification of potentially risky transactions.
  • Delivers essential data for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) compliance and Know Your Transaction (KYT) investigative requirements.