24/7 Incident Response

Need immediate assistance for a possible security incident or breach? You’re in the right place.

I'm Under Cyber Attack, And Need Help Now!

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Security Experts Are Here To Help

The CertiK team delivers urgent security services available to the largest enterprises, without the infrastructure headaches or drain on manpower and resources.

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Web2 & Web3 Cyber Incident Response

From investigation to crisis management, CertiK incident response helps resolve all aspects of Web2 & Web3 security issues with industry-leading expertise.

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Industry-leading Cyber Threat Intelligence

Years of threat intelligence experience at scale, is what gives CertiK the edge in helping understand attack techniques and procedures (TTPs) that attackers use.

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24/7 Incident Response Coverage

After-hours and always available coverage gives you peace of mind that you are seamlessly protected during investigation and remediation.

CertiK Incident Response Services features

CertiK Incident Response is a full-featured service to help you immediately respond to a cyberattack.

Web2 and Web3 Cybersecurity expertise

CertiK has been on the frontlines of Web3, as well as Web2 cyber security and incident response since 2018. From our expertise in conducting smart-contract audits and penetration tests as well as alerting and incident response, CertiK can quickly identify on-chain and smart-contract issues, what was compromised, assess the attack flows and remediation steps.


Rapid response

Speed of response and analysis is critical to containing an incident and minimizing damage. Whether you are a project with hundreds of members or a global blockchain with hundreds of thousands of users, CertiK can help.

Hands-on remediation support

CertiK support to help you and your team implement remediation recommendations, assuring thorough remediation to help you recover, redeploy, and restart your project as quick as possible.


Manage Incidents With CertiK in 3-Easy Steps

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Gather Information

Gather as much attack information from your team. Include your assessment of the situation, including how it was discovered, and any actions you have already taken to mitigate the issue.

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Contact Us!

Contact us using the methods provided, either through discord or telegram, or by filling out a form.

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Get Back On Track

We will investigate points of compromise, and work with your team to fully understand the attack, then provide you with recommendations on how to mitigate this issue to get you back on track.

Interested in more CertiK Incident Response Offerings?

Emergency Incident Response

Get 24/7/365 incident coordination and command, technical contract and on-chain analysis, forensic investigation, expert guidance and response to any Web3 cybersecurity incident backed by our intelligence with comprehensive after-action reporting.

Tabletop Exercises

Practice custom-designed scenarios that allow different levels of the organization to better learn the variables of their role during an incident, ensuring the plan and playbooks are clearly understood and effective.

Incident Response Playbooks

Develop customized playbooks based on the threats most relevant to your organization. These playbooks are part of the overall triage and response process to specific threats.

Incident Response Planning

Develop a tailored process to support coordinated response and communications during Web3 cybersecurity incidents or review an existing plan and provide recommendations for improvement.

Incident Response Readiness Assessment

An in-depth review of the existing incident response capabilities within the organization. The Incident Response Team will evaluate your organizational security foundations and understand the current ability to communicate during an incident. Be ready to detect, respond, and recover from a Web3 security incident.

Compromise Assessment

Taking a broad view of the organization, this is a high-level assessment of the network and its systems to identify typical signs of compromise. Discover what is lurking below the surface and what approaches can be taken to further investigate any vulnerabilities.

Threat Hunting

A review of specific areas of an organization’s network and its systems for indicators of potential compromise. Threat hunting is hypothesis-driven and backed by the most current threat intelligence available from CertiK.

Intel on Demand

Request the latest threat intelligence and newest custom research based on relevant Web3 contextual factors. This unique service is the only way to unlock direct access to CertiK Intelligence Analysts