SkyHarbor offers an all-in-one solution to secure and monitor your digital assets. With its advanced monitoring and threat detection system, SkyHarbor can quickly identify any vulnerabilities or suspicious activities in your system, ensuring that your assets are always safe and secure.

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Web3 security, End-to-End & Simplified

The next generation security product designed to keep your blockchain-based assets safe and secure.

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Lifecycle Security

A comprehensive security assessment and monitoring of your smart contracts and blockchain codes to identify vulnerabilities and recommend actions to fix them.

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Risk Detection & Actions

A 24/7 on-chain security monitoring serivces via Skynet and Advanced Alerts to provide insights for your deployed smart contracts. They provide insights about the risk levels and recommend actions for you to tackle them.

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Stay Ahead of Hackers

Customizable advanced alerts allow you to stay informed any potential risks to your deployed smart contracts with a threashold you can set. Skynet and advanced alerts will keep you updated on risks and frauds before they affect you.

SkyHarbor Auditing
Analyze Your Code To Keep You Updated And Have A Chance To Mitigate Issues

CertiK’s industry-leading web3 auditing services inspect your code by automated vulnerability detection alogrithms and security experts, generate multiple reports for you to mitigate the issues, and publish the final report on CertiK leaderboard, shared with the community.

As a project team leader, you will get the expert-level of auditing of your web3 products before they get deployed. You will have a great chance to mitigate the issues to improve your trust profile and prevent future risks and frauds.


SkyHarbor Skynet
24/7 Monitor Your Deployed Smart Contracts To Protect You From Risks And Frauds

After your smart contracts get deployed, Skynet constantly scans your smart contracts and related transactions to detect any risks and recommend actions for you to take.

For the actions we recommended, you may acknowledge the issues and update your code to fix them. This collabrative process would ensure your on-chain smart contracts are protected against potential risks and frauds timely.

SkyHarbor Advanced Alerts
Easily Create Alerts To Keep You Informed Of Market Risk Signals

SkyHarbor Advanced Alerts enable to create alerts to detect hack events, price slippages, flash loan attacks and other types.

With our restless advanced signaling service, you will receive alerts that you defined based on your own web3 products or any other topics of interest. These alerts would help you to stay informed of the market risks and how far of those risks may affect you.