Powering on-chain security monitoring and data insights for smart contracts.

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Actionable Security & Data Insights

Skynet actively monitors and displays on-chain insights for smart contracts using industry-leading technologies built by CertiK’s team of security researchers.

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Scan Your Code

Perform continuous AI-based scanning of your contract code using CertiK’s growing database of new vulnerabilities.

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Access On-Chain Data

Analyze your project’s on-chain data and growth performance over time.

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Detect Risk & Fraud

Identify any anomalies with active flash loan detection and DEX liquidity monitoring.

On-Chain Data Analytics

Monitor and display your project’s on-chain activity and performance over time.

DEX Liquidity Monitoring

Track your project’s DEX liquidity health to detect suspicious activity or sudden changes.


Token Holder Distribution Analysis

Identify your top token holders and analyze new user growth over time.