Skynet: Your Ultimate Web3 Security Analysis Platform

Skynet provides a wealth of data-driven insights for Web3 projects and communities. End-to-end security tools combine with on-chain and off-chain data, resulting in an all-in-one Web3 security analysis platform.

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Comprehensive Web3 Security Analysis for Web3 Projects

Skynet’s Web3 security analysis tools actively monitor and visualize on-chain and off-chain data. The platform utilizes industry-leading technology developed by CertiK's expert security researchers.

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Improve Your Security Score

Skynet actively monitors on-chain and off-chain security parameters, identifying risks and providing timely alerts.

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Build Trust

Sign up to Skynet to demonstrate your commitment to the founding ideals of crypto: auditability and transparency.

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Protect Your Brand

Take control of your platform’s security, keeping your finger on the pulse with Skynet’s social sentiment analysis tools.

How to Conduct Web3 Security Analysis with Skynet

Skynet provides a website featuring non-downloadable software for providing security analysis for smart contracts and blockchain projects. Navigate the Web3 world with confidence, equipped with Skynet's rich, data-driven insights that let you unearth exciting new projects, execute due diligence with precision, and stay up-to-date with all recent happenings in the space.

Dive deeper with the Security Score Leaderboard, which lists and ranks projects based on a wealth of on- and off-chain data. Evaluate and compare projects based on their Code Security, Fundamental Health, Operational Resilience, Community Trust, Market Stability, and Governance Strength.


CertiK’s suite of due diligence tools includes the Exchange Audit, Smart Money Wizard, and Skynet Alerts. Whether you're checking on-chain asset holdings of exchanges or staying updated with timely notifications of potential rugpulls, Skynet equips you with the tools you need.

Learning how to use these tools is a continuous process that will ensure you stay at the front of the curve. Enhance your proficiency with Skynet 101, our educational resource center, packed with tutorials and guides that empower you to leverage the Skynet platform to its fullest potential.

Navigate the Web3 world with trust and transparency. Choose Skynet for Community, your partner in advanced Web3 security analysis.

Actionable Web3 Security Analysis Tools, Data, and Research

Security & Data Tools

Security Scores
Quantify the security of any project using Skynet’s scoring algorithm
Skynet Alerts
Be the first to know with real-time security alerts verified by CertiK's intelligence team
Smart Money Wizard
Track where the smart money flows with Skynet’s wallet analyzer
Exchange Audit
Analyze the on-chain holdings of centralized exchanges

Curated Leaderboards

Security Score
Rank the relative security of projects based on Skynet’s quantitative Security Score
Project Team KYC Verification
Find vetted teams that have passed CertiK's rigorous KYC process

Expert Insights

Industry Research
Access expert research and analysis on the latest crypto trends
Due Diligence
Understand the risks in Web3 with insights from CertiK investigators
Regulatory & Compliance
Navigate the complexities of crypto regulation with CertiK’s compliance tools and resources
Explore news from crypto’s most important publications
The charting solution is provided by TradingView, a platform for traders and investors with versatile analytical tools. It lets you track particular symbols, e.g. BTC USD, as well as dive into a more advanced market analysis with sophisticated data like crypto market cap.

Security For All

Security is a two-way street, and Skynet makes Web3 security analysis simple for builders and community members

For Community
Skynet for Community
Always FREE
Do better due diligence with Skynet, the most comprehensive crypto security platform
Free access to curated Security Leaderboard
More than 10,000 crypto projects ranked by Security Score
Industry-leading social sentiment and on-chain analysis dashboards
For Web3 Projects
Skynet for Business
Annual Billing
Real-time on-chain & off-chain monitoring of projects: your own and your competitors
A guaranteed spot on the Security Leaderboard
Increased exposure to the Web3 community
Competitive monitoring of select competitors with API access to maintain your advantage

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