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At CertiK, we’ve helped secure thousands of customer projects, from the large to the small. Our customers take pride in the security services we provide, valuing our speed, scale, and quality in findings. But don’t just take our word for it, hear from our customers.

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The gatekeeper function is very important, that we know this piece of software has been audited, has a minimum level of security, and also for the users it’s very important, because this way they can trust a certain project. CertiK plays a very important role here as an auditing company.
Alex Wilke
Video Thumbnail for Covalent
CertiK was actually one of the original smart contract auditors. CertiK is great. We've had nothing but good experiences with them. They were fast, they were easy, they got the job done, and we've never had any complaints. So it's been an all around good experience.
Erik Ashdown
Head of ecosystem
Video Thumbnail for Axelar
Security is incredibly important right for the ecosystem. For me, CertiK helps ensure the security in the long term of the application code to make sure that we can continue building trust around the industry.
Sergey Gorbunov
Video Thumbnail for Beefy
Not only do we have great auditor, provider like CertiK, but we also go under to each of the underlying protocols, make sure we do centralization and privilege control checks. We have strict security standards that all of our partner protocols have to abide by.
Head of strategic partnership
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If you get hacked, your reputation is at stake… It doesn’t matter about the amount, whether it’s data, or it’s crypto, it’s just not good for your reputation. CertiK has been around the block, the de facto smart contract audit guys for so long. Everybody has heard of CertiK.
Jeremy Joo
General Manager
Video Thumbnail for Injective
CertiK is one of the leading forces when it comes to auditing and security within all of crypto. We utilized them even back in the day when Injective Token first launched.
Mirza Uddin
Head of BD
Video Thumbnail for Nomica
One of the major things that’s important for us is that our tokens, the NFTs we’re producing, are 100% secure… We know CertiK as… the number one in the world for this.
Christoph J Ebell
Founder & CEO
Video Thumbnail for Bitget
You are the leaders in the security space. All your founders are from top research institutions… We can totally rely on CertiK in terms of security.
Gracy Chen
Managing Director
Video Thumbnail for BlockLime
Security is paramount in this space… In software we always say there’s no such thing as “no bugs” we have to make sure they’re minimal. We have to ensure that we’re covered from all areas, and that customers can feel secure, can trust the platform, and that’s how you grow the ecosystem.
Harpreet Singh
Co-Founder & CEO
Video Thumbnail for Mizudao
CertiK is the pioneer in blockchain security.
Takehito Imai
Founder & CEO
Video Thumbnail for UpLift DAO
Partnering with CertiK really lets our community know that we are fully protected. CertiK is the leading auditor in the crypto space. By working with CertiK we can be assured that our projects are protected and therefore our community is protected.
Lucy Morgan
Chief Marketing Officer
Video Thumbnail for Banksea Finance
CertiK has tremendous experience doing security reviews. That experience was something we absolutely wanted to borrow from. CertiK has a lot of experienced engineers and they’re able to rotate to our schedule in a very timely manner. Sometimes when you launch, the timeline kind of fluctuates and being able to respond really fast was very helpful.
Video Thumbnail for Orion Protocol
Security is absolutely paramount. The reputation that CertiK’s got for top-quality audits and the in-depth detail you give to audits is first class, it’s the industry standard.
Chief Marketing Officer
Video Thumbnail for Masterblox
Security is really important. You can have the best project in the world, but one hack or one flaw in the code, and you’re done. CertiK is a really well-established company. You are a quality signal: if a company is audited by CertiK it’s like a verification.
Carlos Prada
Video Thumbnail for DoraHacks
We’ve been working with CertiK since 2018. CertiK has always prioritized talent, they have the best security talent in the space. CertiK has grown to become one of the most professional and most capable auditing firms in Web3.
Steve Ngok
Partner & BD Director
Video Thumbnail for The Open NetWork
“We were impressed with the suite of products offered by CertiK, which ranged from full-scope auditing, to security dashboards, and ongoing white hat support. CertiK saw the vision of what TON blockchain could be and wanted to develop that relationship early on, and to really think of different ways to add value across the board.”
Justin Hyun
Head of Incubation
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Smart Contract Platform
L2 Scaling
“We don't want to preach security, we want to show everyone that we are secure. That’s why we did our two audits with CertiK, and why we enabled Skynet too. So everyone can do their own research, it's all out there. Go check it for yourself, and then believe us.”
Aishwary Gupta
DeFi Chief of Staff
Video Thumbnail for MystenLabs
“It's important that we have a culture of building really strong software that is well-audited, well-reviewed, and that's only going to make the space safer. Lack of security is an impediment to growing the ecosystem. So we love what CertiK is doing to ensure that the space is safe, and more importantly keeping user funds safe and secure.”
Adeniyi Abiodun
Co-Founder and CPO
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“Smart contracts are immutable and often are responsible for large amounts of money, which makes planning for security ahead of time more important than anything else.”
Tanner Moore
Software Engineer
Video Thumbnail for KuCoin
“Security is fundamental. No matter what unique technology it may have, if a project isn’t secure then it’s at risk of collapsing overnight. CertiK is the leading security firm in the crypto industry, which means a project that has been audited by CertiK gains a meaningful endorsement.”
Head of Asia
Video Thumbnail for Cronos
“Security is extremely important, not just a project’s smart contract security, but its Web2 infrastructure security too, its backend, its frontend – all of these are attack vectors that projects have to be careful about.”
Jay Lin
Partnerships Lead
Video Thumbnail for Soma Finance
“It's absolutely crucial for any product, any platform to be audited in order to be market ready. We need to make sure that everything is completely above board and it's audited and it's as secure as possible.”
Will Corkin
Video Thumbnail for Evergrow
“Everybody knows that a CertiK audit is precise and we decided to go for the full package just to make sure our contract is safe. We chose Skynet so we can know that our code is scanned and monitored 24/7.”
lonut Iacob
Head of Operations
Video Thumbnail for Bchain
“CertiK is the gatekeeper of Web3 cybersecurity.”
Vic Chuah Men Sin
Founder and CEO
Video Thumbnail for Ocean
“Security for us is extremely important, and we want to make sure we go with the best company in the space.”
Andrea Armanni
Product Strategist