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Cosmos Smart Contract Audits

CertiK draws on the vanguard of computer science and AI technology to create cutting-edge web3 security tools, from our best-in-the-field smart contract audit to our growing list of innovative blockchain analytics tools such as Skynet and SkyTrace.

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How CertiK Helps Drive the Cosmos' Growth

As an ecosystem that is not only expanding outwards, but is also building an increasingly intricate network of connections between its projects, the security of each Cosmos project is key to ensuring the health of the wider ecosystem.

CertiK’s priority is to equip Cosmos-based projects with the security and stability they need to reach their full potential. All of our services, from our smart contract audit, to our blockchain analytics tools such as Skynet and SkyTrace, are designed to provide project teams and their communities the confidence to take the steps they need to reach mass adoption.

Top Cosmos Projects

The Cosmos ecosystem is a decentralized network of independent blockchains that are interoperable through the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol. Cosmos aims to create an "Internet of Blockchains" united by open-source tools for streamlining transactions between them.


How Cosmos based Project Audits Work?

CertiK deploys highly accurate formal verification auditing to effectively review each line of code with high quality.

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Why Choose certiK?

By auditing some of the leading projects in the space, CertiK has developed a deep and nuanced understanding of the specific architectures, capacities, and potential security risks of Cosmos-based projects, including Crypto.com, THORChain, and Kava. Using both AI verification and human checks by experts in the field, we are able to discover and help remediate hard to find vulnerabilities and attack vectors. In doing so we seek to bolster the Cosmos ecosystem and provide it with the foundation it needs to attain its ambitions.

What Else We Offer

KYC Verification

Through a rigorous process that uses both AI and human verification, we verify the identities of your team to reassure users that their investment is in safe hands.


Skynet generates in-time insights of on-chain activity, allowing project teams to be alerted of any suspicious events and saving precious time in anticipating and responding to attack.


SkyTrace helps Cosmos projects to visualize the flow of funds occurring on-chain, which has proven an essential tool for projects in both anticipating and responding to attack.

Penetration Testing

Safe and In-depth attack simulation to expose the most complex vulnerabilities on your crypto exchanges, wallets and Dapps.