Crypto Due Diligence

Get the most out of Web3 by partnering with CertiK Advisory. Our team of seasoned analysts deliver a comprehensive range of services, including technical evaluations, proprietary research, and strategy recommendations.

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Navigate the Web3 World in Safety with CertiK's Crypto Due Diligence

Our unparalleled expertise in Web3 security and risk management ensures that clients make informed decisions about their investments.

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Technical Due Diligence

Comprehensive technical evaluations of Web3 projects and digital assets ensure they meet the rigorous security standards required by institutional investors, hedge funds, venture capital firms, and more.

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Security Research

We offer bespoke research and analysis services, providing actionable insights into the highly technical and security-conscious world of blockchain.

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Web3 Strategy

Empower your Web3 organization with strategic product roadmaps, create an identifiable Web3 brand, engage users, and thrive in the complex ecosystem.


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Proven Risk Evaluation and Crypto Due Diligence Frameworks

As the leading Web3 security auditor, CertiK's crypto due diligence process has been honed through the evaluation of thousands of projects across dozens of blockchain ecosystems.

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A Shadowy Secret: Intelligence Infiltration of Web3 Projects
CertiK recently uncovered indications that Iranian intelligence operatives could be actively attempting to infiltrate some crypto projects early in their development phase. In this article, our team of former law enforcement investigators and intelligence analysts share their findings and give their expert takeaways on how to preserve the integrity of the Web3 industry.