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Security Spotlight

CertiK Recognized Again in Apple's iOS 17 Security Update of three critical security vulnerabilities in Apple's iOS kernel.
CertiK has completed a security audit of LINE Blockchain, and CertiK will join the network as a governance member and node validator.
CertiK has successfully completed the formal verification of HyperEnclave’s core components. The paper accepted by ASPLOS'24.
CertiK has successful completed a comprehensive security audit for XLS-30d, an innovative AMM built on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).
Samsung has acknowledged CertiK's contributions to significantly enhancing the security of its mobile blockchain solutions.
CertiK's audits significantly enhanced TON's security, including formal verification of its consensus module, ensuring functionality and robustness.
CertiK’s comprehensive audit for SEI Protocol, identified and resolved critical issues, safeguarding the network before its mainnet launch.
CertiK was awarded Sui's highest bug bounty for the discovery of a critical vulnerability that could have shut down the network.

Security Leaderboard

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Name Security Score Audits Badges
XRP Ledger  logo
XRP Ledger
8 N/A
audits 2
Polygon logo
13 $7.8B
audits 2
Trust Wallet logo
Trust Wallet
15 $498M
audits 2
Decimal logo
17 $111M
audits 1
Chiliz logo
25 $646M
audits 5
Cronos logo
26 N/A
audits 1
Vita Inu logo
Vita Inu
45 $12M
audits 1
LTO Network logo
LTO Network
46 $32M
audits 1
BarnBridge  logo
54 $35M
audits 1
Morpheus.Network logo
55 $45M
audits 2