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CertiK and Kava Labs Announce Partnership
CertiK and Kava Labs Announce Partnership

CertiK and Kava Labs Announce Partnership 

CertiK is proud to announce a partnership with Kava Labs -  a company that provides composable DeFi apps and services that can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world - to protect the Kava Ecosystem. This strategic partnership continues to demonstrate Certik’s leadership in the blockchain security space, while further expanding CertiK’s security suite into a new ecosystem.

Recognized by Certik, the Kava Ecosystem will have its own dedicated tab listed on the Security Leaderboard. The Leaderboard provides community alerts, security rankings, and audit reports for all projects that have undergone CertiK’s rigorous security assessment and onboarding process. With CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko’s recent integrations, they now link directly to the Leaderboard for all projects audited by CertiK.

“The Kava Ecosystem is all about onboarding best-in-class developers to deliver value to users of the world’s safest DeFi platform,” said Scott Stuart, CEO of Kava. “CertiK is the highest regarded security auditor in all of crypto. It’s only natural that we’d onboard CertiK to secure the Kava Ecosystem and protect its users.”

Additionally, Certik is excited to announce that they will be providing a one year subscription of Skynet for five key Kava Ecosystem projects. Skynet’s intelligence engine monitors and secures DeFi platforms in real time by constantly checking their smart contracts and tokens against Security Primitives. This 24/7 monitoring raises the level of transparency and security across all of crypto, and as a result helps secure the Kava ecosystem.

CertiK’s security suite becomes more powerful the wider it’s deployed. This collaboration with Kava is the latest step on Certik’s mission to raise the level of transparency and security in the blockchain space, continuing to keep funds safe in the journey through the cryptoverse.

About Kava Labs

Kava Labs is the primary development team of the Kava Platform, which connects the world’s largest cryptocurrencies, ecosystems, and financial applications. The mission of Kava Labs is to create a secure, scalable home for the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) through a combination of powerful Layer-1 architecture, institutional-grade security, and user experience-driven design.

About CertiK

Founded in 2018 by professors of Yale University and Columbia University, CertiK is a pioneer in blockchain security, utilizing best-in-class AI technology to secure and monitor blockchain protocols and smart contracts. CertiK’s mission is to secure the cyber world. Starting with blockchain, CertiK applies cutting-edge innovations from academia into enterprise, enabling mission-critical applications to be built with security and correctness. 

To date, CertiK has collectively worked with over 1300 enterprise clients, helped secure over $90 billion worth of digital assets, and detected over 23,000 vulnerabilities in blockchain code. 

CertiK raised over $60 million in Series B and B+ funding rounds in 2021. CertiK is backed by top VCs including Tiger Global, Coatue Management, Shunwei Capital and Hillhouse Capital as well as industry leaders like Coinbase Ventures and Binance.

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