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CertiK China Headquarters Settled in Suzhou
CertiK China Headquarters Settled in Suzhou

SUZHOU,25 February 2021- We are excited and proud to announce that the new CertiK China headquarters are now settled in Suzhou, kicking off its operations by signing a contract with Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) as a major scientific and technology innovation project.

Suzhou Industrial Park won the Prize for Innovation and Development in the comprehensive assessment of Suzhou City in 2020, KPMG’s latest business environment assessment report ranks the SIP 25th on a global scale.

  • Suzhou Industrial Park provides overseas, as well as domestic talent with a plethora of conveniences in terms of workability and lifestyle. It has upgraded and launched 19 new measures, of which 3 are the first in China and 10 are the first inJiangsu Province.

  • The dedicated Internet data channel in Suzhou is upgraded and expanded.After completion, the packet loss rate for accessing the Internet will be reduced to less than 1%, and the delay will be reduced by an average of 20%.

  • The three new international business cooperation centers established by the Suzhou Industrial Park in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo were unveiled to provide business convenience for companies in the industrial park.

The international CertiK team is honored to be a signatory to SIP'sscientific and technology innovationprogram, and we’re looking forward to contributing to the ever-growing hi-tech scene in the area and broadly China, both with cybersecurity expertise and advice and cross-border, cross-chain business networking.

CertiK’s mission is to build a trustworthy and truly secure ecological blockchain community and a world of intuitive digital experiences powered by DLT. We have been providing tech leaders with the highest level of security solutions, in accordance with modern industry standards. Whether we’re dealing with entire blockchains, smart-contracts, operating systems, cloud computing services, and custom digital and autonomous systems, we follow a formal verification protocol, in order to ensure the integrity and security of software operations, while enhancing their resistance to common and unexpected cyberattacks.

Our new HQ will focus its lens on the government’s major strategies and industrial development needs, condense security technologies and services, provide solid support for the establishment of first-class high-tech parks, and promote the security construction of China’s operating systems, blockchains, and cloud computing systems.

In addition, we will leverage cutting-edge technology and cybersecurity practices to empower China’s digital financial enterprises and financial systems, while maintaining the order of the digital financial market, reducing the number of digital currency-related crimes, and maximizing the value of security applications.

Last but not least, CertiK will cooperate with other hi-tech pioneers and visionaries located in Suzhou to break through the existing technological plateau and give full play to the local infrastructure and human capital.

Our dedication remains the same, at CertiK we will always strive to comprehensively improve the global security toolset and standards of the broader blockchain scene, and keep joining forces with international and in-house industry leaders to tackle the sustainable development of intelligent security systems.

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