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Introducing: Emblem for Project Teams!
Introducing: Emblem for Project Teams!

The CertiK Emblem helps secure projects prove their CertiK affiliation in real time. It is a provenance system for projects who participate in security best practices to prove they have best-in-class systems in place to protect their participants.

The CertiK Emblem comes following the launch of a new badge system designed to highlight projects that implement additional security measures beyond a Security Audit. Projects that participate in on-chain security monitoring, contract verification, and/or KYC review through CertiK can now receive a Skynet Badge, Verified Contract Badge, and KYC Badge to share with their communities. Badges help users on the CertiK Security Leaderboard to quickly identify which security features a project is protected with.

While a project’s badges are easily viewable on, it is important for projects to have the ability to display their badges, and other key security insights, directly on their own websites. To that end, CertiK is excited to introduce Emblem!

Emblem is an embedded web app that automatically synchronizes badges and other key security insights between CertiK’s Security Leaderboard and a project’s website. This allows project teams to easily highlight aspects of their project verification and performance directly on their website.

Emblem Components

The Emblem is a live snapshot of a project’s current badges, high-level audit details, and Trust Score, which all feed directly from the CertiK website.

EB CardDesign

If a contract audit is successfully completed for a project, the upper right hand corner of the Emblem will indicate that it is “On Board”, with a flashing green indicator next to it. If a project is currently in the process of being audited, the upper right hand corner of the Emblem will instead display “In Progress”, with a flashing blue indicator. The details of the audit progress will be displayed below any badges the project may have at that time.

EB CardDesign VP Crop 25fps (1)

In addition to giving project teams an easy way to display key information and badges, Emblems allow users to quickly authenticate a project’s claim of working with CertiK. When users click on the Emblem, it redirects them to the project’s Leaderboard profile on the CertiK website. This provides a twofold benefit to users: it gives immediate, verifiable proof of a project’s engagement with CertiK, and it allows users to explore a project’s security profile in greater detail once they have been redirected.

Emblem Display Options

Project teams have the flexibility to determine where they want to embed the Emblem on their website. They can also choose from two Emblem display options: static display or hover.

EB CardDesign Static display option

EB OnBoardCTK TiFiToken Hover display option

Emblems are designed to benefit both projects and their communities by enabling projects to verifiably display their badges and security status directly on their website. The Emblem creates a more streamlined experience for the user and is a low-maintenance way for projects to establish greater trust and transparency.

If you are interested in participating in the CertiK Emblem program, please reach out to [email protected]