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Introducing Security Leaderboard 360

CertiK is proud to announce the release of Leaderboard 360 – a one-stop shop for due diligence on all CertiK-audited projects. Leaderboard 360 is a completely revamped tool that makes the daunting task of conducting due diligence on Web3 projects easier than ever. It aggregates essential security and market data and presents it on an immediately accessible dashboard.

While blockchains are public by design, the large amounts of data they generate are not easily accessed or interpreted. This is especially true for those new to Web3, a group that is in particular need of actionable security insights to ensure they get off on the right foot and stick around for the future we’re all building.

The update features a number of important improvements that makes it easier to get crucial security insights. The Security Leaderboard spotlights the projects that actively protect their users while ensuring those that don’t have no place to hide.

Projects that are audited with CertiK undergo a rigorous security assessment and are delivered a full audit report. This report details the scope of a project's risk and a detailed summary of its potential vulnerabilities. We publish these results in our Code Audit History module and recently made it even easier to find and interpret this data. The Audit Module now gives instant access to the critical findings of an audit report. You can see at a glance whether a project has resolved, acknowledged, partially resolved, or left unresolved the vulnerabilities identified during its audit.

Introducing Security Leaderboard 360

Leaderboard Audit

A redesign of the interface groups the thousands of projects on the Leaderboard into subclassifications, by the ecosystem of the project (e.g. Ethereum, BNB, Solana, Avalanche) and by category (DeFi, NFT, Gaming, DAO, etc.). A new tab links to similar projects based on social media discussion. This redesign makes it much simpler to explore related projects and navigate different ecosystems.

Leaderboard Grouping

Leaderboard 360 also implements Skynet’s new two-part Trust Score, which comprises a Security Score and a Community & Market Score.

Leaderboard Trust Score

The Security Leaderboard now supports multiple verified smart contracts tied to a project. This includes governance contracts, staking contracts, different types of order contracts on DEXs, and much more. As users often interact with multiple contracts when using a platform, it’s imperative that all of its contracts are audited and secure. Additionally, token ownership data, wallet analysis, on-chain analytics, and smart-money tracking makes tracking whale activity easier than ever before.

The Leaderboard’s price and volatility benchmark module puts a wealth of information at each user’s fingertips. A new TradingView integration makes it easy to check the price of an asset over its entire history, and CertiK-specific metrics that allow you to overlay Skynet data over price data. This combination of a token’s price movement with on-chain and social analytics makes it easy to customize an interface with the information that matters to you.

Leaderboard Price Analysis

Improvements to the social analysis module make it easy for users to evaluate the social sentiment surrounding a project and to draw upon the wisdom of the crowd. Data is aggregated from various sources to provide insight into how people feel about a project and its price. Word graphs present key topics of discussion in an immediately understandable format, serving as a springboard for further research.

Leaderboard Social

Other improvements include additional data dimensions in the Leaderboard analysis of DEX Liquidity Pairs (LPs), CEX trading pairs, and detailed liquidity data for both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

As part of CertiK’s mission to raise the level of security and transparency across the Web3 world, Leaderboard 360 is available to all users at zero cost.