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Introducing - KYC by CertiK

CertiK is excited to announce the launch of our new KYC Verification service for project teams!

Introducing - KYC by CertiK

As the leader in the crypto security space, CertiK’s focus has always been to secure the cyber world and to protect crypto projects and users. The rise of anonymous teams has been an emerging trend throughout the past few years, but has enabled high-risk behaviors by individuals who hide behind the veil of anonymity. CertiK KYC is designed to deanonymize project teams and create greater accountability through a rigorous vetting process.

CertiK is the only major security provider that performs KYC verification in addition to a security audit of the code, as well as continuous monitoring of a project via Skynet. Our end-to-end assessment of a project provides a greater degree of transparency for the community at large.

Here’s how it works - 

ID Verification

Projects are required to provide us with passport verification. This includes an ID authenticity inspection using AI-based detection systems, as well as liveness checks to ensure the individual is indeed real and matches the ID. Computer-generated or modified identities are a major risk in the KYC process, and CertiK utilizes leading technologies to avoid any loopholes.

KYC Data Collection

Each project team member is required to provide additional verifiable data that can help our investigators conduct deep due diligence on their backgrounds to confirm that they are indeed part of the project team. This data is securely collected, assessed, and stored by CertiK security researchers.

Research and Investigation 

Our team will perform background checks on the project team members to make sure the data provided is valid, and that there are no flags or indications of previously suspicious behaviors. The investigation process utilizes systems to support the validation and inspections of these individuals.

Live Video Call

In addition to a liveness check during the ID verification process, CertiK will also do a live video call with each KYC’d team member to verify their identity and other parameters as needed. 

Please note: a KYC verification is not a guarantee of security. In the event that a project does perform fraudulent activities, we may be required to cooperate with local law enforcement to identify the responsible party involved. Always DYOR and proceed with caution when assessing a project. 

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