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Introducing the Skynet Trust Score!
Introducing the Skynet Trust Score!

CertiK is excited to announce an update to the CertiK Security Leaderboard and the release of a new Skynet Trust Score, Cohort Analysis Panel, and Highlights and Alerts section!

The Security Leaderboard is designed to give users an at-a-glance view into the health and performance of a project by providing risk insights and security findings. To improve this experience for our users, several updates and enhancements have been made to the Security Leaderboard to better communicate and display relevant information.


Skynet Trust Score

The Skynet Trust Score is an updated version of the Security Score that users are currently familiar with. To make the Skynet Trust Score more transparent and easier to understand, two new subscores have been introduced to highlight different aspects of project risk and trust: Security Score, and Community & Market Score.

Security Score

The Security Score is an index measuring the relative security risk of a crypto project (based on technical, code-level analyses).

Community & Market Score

The Community & Market Score is an index measuring the relative social standing and market health of a crypto project.


These subscores roll up to make the overall Skynet Trust Score and are key parts of the new Cohort Analysis Panel.

Cohort Analysis Panel

The Cohort Analysis Panel is a new feature designed to help users contextualize the risk of a project by displaying its performance against comparable projects. The Security Score and Market & Community Score axes determine the overall placement of a project on the graphic relative to its peers.

Within this panel, users can filter by category to include all projects, or only projects within specific categories like De-Fi, CEX, Metaverse, etc. The option to compare by category allows the user to better understand a project’s relative security score among its competitors, as well as making it easier to explore new projects with similar risk profiles.


Highlights and Alerts

The new Highlights and Alerts section shows users a brief security overview of the areas a project performs well in and where it has vulnerabilities. The goal is to give users a quick, top-level view of certain project risks and attributes, and how a project ranks in certain categories.


The purpose of these new feature updates is to better communicate and display project risk to our users. The introduction of an updated Skynet Trust Score, Cohort Analysis Panel, and Highlights and Alert section allow us to present our Security Leaderboard in a more clear, meaningful, and useful way to our users.

Please note that scores and rankings on CertiK’s website are data-dependent and not all projects have full datasets. We do our best to be as comprehensive as possible, but as always, do your own research and proceed with caution when evaluating a project.