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Introducing Badges and Honors on CertiK’s Security Leaderboard
Introducing Badges and Honors on CertiK’s Security Leaderboard

CertiK is excited to announce the launch of our new Badges and Honors for project teams!

As a pioneer in blockchain cybersecurity, CertiK’s mission is to Secure the Web3 World. We are committed to helping the community better protect themselves by openly publishing our security findings and insights to our Web3 Security Leaderboard.

Today, we debut a badge system designed to increase visibility to the projects we secure and celebrate the most exceptional security practices across our clientbase. Badges make it simpler to identify vetted crypto projects and give us a new way to showcase noteworthy practices across projects we audit.

Our first batch of badges will be given to projects that secure their technology with our security platform and services.

  • The Skynet Badge certifies that a project uses CertiK's live, on-chain security monitoring and data insights to flag security events across their platform.

  • The KYC Badge indicates successful completion of CertiK's KYC program, the most rigorous KYC program available for Web3 projects.

Our initial "CertiK Honors" elevate projects that maintain a top security posture amongst the ecosystem. We are launching two honors:

  • The Top 10% Security Score honor is awarded to projects with scores in the top 10% of our industry-leading security score. The score covers a broad range of security factors including our deep technical code audits and general best practices like bug bounties and decentralized governance.

  • The Top 10% Favorited honor acknowledges those projects on our site that the most users follow. If you would like to participate and make your opinion count, sign up and add your favorite projects to your watchlist!

With the addition of Badges and Honors, CertiK becomes the only major security provider that offers a public symbol of trust, highlighting projects that choose to protect their users with live, on-chain security monitoring and a CertiK KYC review. Our users can stay better informed and our project teams have another way to develop trust and transparency between themselves and their communities.

Launching soon is the CertiK Emblem - an embedded web app for audited projects to add CertiK badges and honors to their website and prove authenticity. Projects can verifiably broadcast their commitment to community safety and users can instantly recognize projects protected with a world-class security partner. If you are interested in participating in the CertiK Emblem program, reach out to [email protected].

You can find these badges and honors on project profiles on the Web3 Security Leaderboard.

The Skynet and KYC Badges appear on a project’s Security Leaderboard profile…


…with the Key Statistics section specifying which Badges and Honors a project has earned:


Please remember: While Badges convey a form of trust necessary for a project to affirm to its community, always DYOR and proceed with caution when evaluating a project.