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Introducing CertiK Verified Contracts!
Introducing CertiK Verified Contracts!

CertiK is excited to announce the launch of our new Verified Contract Badge for project teams!

CertiK’s smart contract audit service has become an instrumental tool for teams seeking to secure their blockchain-based projects. However, audits do not necessarily always–or ever, in some cases–match contract code deployed on-chain since project teams can still modify code after CertiK’s audit.

CertiK’s Verified Contract Badge–the newest addition to CertiK’s family of Badges and Honors displayable for projects on the Web3 Security Leaderboard–exists to prove that CertiK has audited a given contract in the exact state in which it has been deployed on-chain.

With the addition of the Verified Contract Badge, CertiK becomes the only major security provider that, ahead of simply conducting smart contract audits, provides on-chain monitoring of audited code existing. This end-to-end assessment of a project’s code establishes a natural trust between teams and communities, with an overall greater degree of transparency.

Here’s how it works

To start, a given client will provide CertiK a link to their contract code deployed on chain after the completion of CertiK’s audit process. From that point, the shared contract code will be internally scanned and monitored to compare against the audited code. Upon verification that the shared contract code matches the audited code, the Verified Contract Badge will be published to the project’s Security Leaderboard profile. Please note that the verified contract service is not available for proxy contracts.

Here’s how it appears

The Verified Contract Badge will appear on the project’s Security Leaderboard profile…


…and will specify by chain which of a project’s on-chain contracts match the code audited by CertiK:


Given its certification, the Verified Contract Badge conveys a form of trust necessary for projects to affirm to their communities. With the badge, project teams are able to provide comprehensive assurance to their communities that their contracts are both CertiK-audited and CertiK-verified.

Please note: Always DYOR and proceed with caution when assessing a project.

Now, projects on CertiK’s Security Leaderboard may display the Verified Contract Badge in addition to the Skynet-Enabled and KYC Badges to certify robust security monitoring and assessment for their projects. Launching soon is CertiK Emblem, which allows projects to verifiably embed their badges directly into the project website rather than integrating unverifiable logos that indicate a partnership with CertiK.

Learn more about Verified Contract Badges, by visiting the Security Leaderboard at