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BNB Chain Q1 2024 Security Report

In Q1 2024, BNB Chain noted continuous development in its security measures resulting in a 55.8% decrease in value lost compared to the same period last year. BNB Chain witnessed a loss of $14,446,914 across 43 incidents, leading to an average loss of $335,974 per incident and a median loss of $151,476. This is an improvement compared to the loss of $32,661,970 across 140 incidents during Q1 2023.

This reduction in losses is indicative of successful security measure implementations and consistent efforts towards a more secure BNB Chain ecosystem. When compared to the previous quarter – Q4 2023, which came in at $14,544,665 across 44 incidents – losses in Q1 were almost identical.

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BNB Chain Q1 2024 Security Report