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Incident Analysis
Post Mortem: Safemoon
Post Mortem: Safemoon

Project name: Safemoon

Project type: Token

Date of exploit: Mar 28th, 2023

Asset loss: $8.9M

Vulnerability: Access control

Date of audit report publishing: May 3rd, 2021

Conclusion: Out of Audit Scope

Details of the Exploit


Safemoon is a token project where fees will be taken and added as liquidity in the token transfer process.

Nature of the Vulnerability

  • The public burn function allows anyone to burn tokens in any account.

CertiK Audit Overview

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 8.37.00 PM


On Mar 28th, 2023, the Safemoon token contract was attacked, leading to a loss of $8.9M. The attacker took advantage of the public burn function and drained funds from the LP pool.

The vulnerability lies in the public burn function in the newly upgraded token contract, which CertiK has not audited.