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The CertiK Ambassador Program

The onchain landscape is vibrant, continually evolving, and filled with innovation. Yet, amidst this rapid growth, security remains a critical concern. Last year, more than $1.8 billion was lost to hacks and scams, and that hurts everyone in the space. That's why we’re excited to introduce the CertiK Ambassador Program. This initiative is designed to empower our community's most enthusiastic members to play a vital role in promoting a safer blockchain environment while being rewarded for their passion and dedication.

The CertiK Ambassador Program

Empower, Engage, Reward

The CertiK Ambassador Program is rooted in our core mission to secure the Web3 world. We aim to complement this by harnessing the collective power of our community through education, content creation, and active engagement.

Building Our Community on Discord

Our ambassadors will find a new home on Discord, where we've created an exclusive Ambassador role. This space is designed for collaboration, access to specialized resources, and regular updates from the CertiK team. Regular meetings will ensure our ambassadors are up to date with the latest information and get to see their hard work recognized.

Rewards That Reflect Your Effort

An XP system allows ambassadors to earn points, progressing through Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers, with each level offering escalating rewards. Points are accrued through various activities: from hosting educational events to engaging in dynamic discussions, each contribution brings you closer to higher rewards distributed in USDT.

Strategies for a Safer Onchain World

We want to supercharge engagement with security-related content across all platforms and support the hosting of educational events. This will not only spread the word about blockchain security but also forge a community that's informed, vigilant, and secure.

Introducing Quests

As part of our program, we're rolling out quests - a series of challenges designed to align our ambassadors' tasks with CertiK's broader goals. From security awareness campaigns to blockchain education and community engagement, these quests are an engaging way to contribute to the ecosystem’s growth while earning additional rewards.

Next Steps

We're not stopping here. The program is slated for continuous expansion and improvement based on ambassador feedback and evolving industry trends. Integration with CertiK's overarching marketing and community strategies ensures that our ambassadors will be an integral part of our mission to bring the world onchain, safely.

Be Part of the Solution

We're calling on blockchain enthusiasts who share our vision of a secure, transparent, and thriving blockchain ecosystem. If you're passionate about blockchain security and community building, we invite you to join us as a CertiK Ambassador. Together, we can secure the Web3 world.

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