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SkyInsights: New Feature Releases Overview

We're excited to announce a series of new features designed to elevate blockchain security and compliance. SkyInsights’ latest updates include an advanced compliance suite, sophisticated sanctions screening, and expanded blockchain support. These innovations provide our users with the tools they need to manage risks effectively and maintain operational integrity in the fast-moving blockchain space. Let’s explore what’s new!

SkyInsights: New Feature Releases Overview

1. Enhanced Compliance Suite

SkyInsights now includes a refined set of over 50 built-in rules specifically tailored for compliance teams, significantly enhancing the platform's utility in adhering to both local and international compliance standards. This suite offers:

  • FinCEN Guidelines: Specialized rules that cater to the specific regulatory requirements set forth by the U.S. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, helping firms navigate the complexities of U.S. financial regulations.

  • FATF Guidelines: A robust set of rules designed to align with the standards of the Financial Action Task Force, providing global coverage to ensure adherence to international anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing norms.

  • Compliance Best Practices: This collection of rules is derived from industry best practices, covering a wide range of scenarios to ensure thorough compliance and risk management tailored to the unique needs of the blockchain sector.

2. Advanced Sanctions Screening Tool

SkyInsights now has an advanced sanctions screening tool capable of performing multimodal and multichain analyses against global sanctions lists.

  • Risk Management: Effectively managing and mitigating potential risks by ensuring all transactions and associated parties are screened against comprehensive, up-to-date sanctions databases.

  • Multichain Capability: Whether your operations involve Ethereum, Bitcoin, or newer blockchains like zkSync Era, the sanctions screening tool ensures seamless integration and monitoring across all supported platforms.

SkyInsights Sanction Search Web Interface

3. Expanded Ecosystem

SkyInsights has broadened its blockchain coverage, now supporting additional blockchains to enhance monitoring and analysis capabilities:

  • Newly Supported Blockchains: PulseChain, Manta, Kava, Ronin, Mantle, and zkSync Era are the latest additions, allowing users to conduct in-depth analysis and monitoring across a more diverse range of networks.

  • Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities: With the addition of these blockchains, users can enjoy expanded visibility and improved analytical depth.

Collection of Cryptocurrency and Technology Logos

4. Forensic Investigations Made Easy

The upcoming Transaction Flow Analyzer feature is designed to revolutionize how users engage with blockchain data for security purposes:

  • Detailed Forensic Investigations: Users can track cryptocurrency funds, identify illicit activities, and profile actors across blockchain networks with precision and ease.

  • Actionable Intelligence: The tool will provide actionable insights that can help in the pursuit of suspects and recovery of assets, enhancing the security posture of blockchain and financial enterprises.

Ethereum Transaction Flow Diagram

5. Free Comprehensive Risk Assessment

SkyInsights Risk Manager now offers a no-cost service for screening wallets, tokens, transactions, and liquidity pools, focusing on:

  • Illicit Activity Screening: This process identifies and assesses risks associated with illicit activities, helping users prevent potential legal and reputational damages.

  • Security and Sanctions Risk: The tool screens for vulnerabilities and compliance with sanctions regimes, ensuring that users remain compliant with regulatory requirements while safeguarding their operations from potential threats.

SkyInsights Screening Interface

These enhancements and new features demonstrate Certik's commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions that empower clients to maintain high standards of compliance, security, and operational efficiency in the evolving landscape of blockchain technology.