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Best Tools for Tracking Top Crypto Wallets

Transparency is one of the key advantages of using blockchain technology. For those interested in following the movements of top crypto wallets, whether it be for research, investment purposes, or simply curiosity, there are several powerful tools available to help. In this blog post, we'll discuss four of the best tools for tracking and analyzing large and important crypto wallet addresses. We'll also cover the reasons why you might want to track these wallets and provide an overview of the features and capabilities of each tool.

Best Tools for Tracking Top Crypto Wallets

Why Track Top Crypto Wallets?

Tracking and analyzing top crypto wallets can provide valuable insights into various aspects of the cryptocurrency market. Here are some key takeaways you can glean from monitoring these wallets:

Market trends and sentiment: By observing the transaction patterns of large players, you can gain insights into market trends and the general sentiment among influential investors. This can help you make better-informed investment decisions or identify potential market shifts.

Whale activity: "Whales" are individuals or entities that hold significant amounts of cryptocurrency. Tracking their activity can reveal how they influence market movements, and may help you anticipate potential price fluctuations based on their buy and sell patterns.

Token usage and popularity: Monitoring top wallets can give you a sense of which tokens are being held, transacted, or staked by influential players. This information can help you identify popular or up-and-coming tokens that may be worth further research or investment.

Network health and congestion: Analyzing transaction patterns and volumes can provide insights into the overall health and congestion of a blockchain network. This information can be useful for anticipating potential scalability issues or identifying optimal times to execute transactions.

Security and risk assessment: Tracking top wallets can help identify suspicious activity, such as potential hacks, scams, or fraudulent transactions. This can help you assess the security of your own holdings or alert you to potential risks in the market.

Fund flows: Observing the movement of funds between addresses can provide insights into the flow of capital within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This can help you understand how value is being transferred and stored within a given network.

Project and team credibility: Analyzing the wallet activity of project founders, developers, and team members can offer insights into the credibility and integrity of a project. For example, if a project's team members are constantly selling their tokens, it might raise concerns about the project's long-term prospects.

Tracking and analyzing top crypto wallets can provide valuable insights into market trends, network health, and potential investment opportunities. By staying informed about the behavior of influential players, you can make more educated decisions in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Skynet for Community

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CertiK’s recently-launched Skynet for Community platform provides a wealth of tools for analyzing, tracking, and understanding Web3 projects. One of the site’s most powerful tools is the Smart Money Wizard, where you’ll find the Wallet Analyzer dashboard.

Wallet Analyzer simplifies the on-chain research process by aggregating unstructured data to display key wallet characteristics, wallet portfolio composition, wallet relationships, and wallet trading activity. These features allow you to easily track and analyze smart money, Whale Wallets, and discover new investment opportunities.

Wallet Analyzer is made up of several powerful tools:

General Information

General Information contains an overview of basic wallet attributes through a 24-hour, 7-day, and 30-day period. You can see the estimated balance of the wallet, the number of total transactions that the wallet engaged in, the total incoming and outgoing volume of those transactions, the number of token types it holds, and the number of wallet addresses related to the one you’re viewing.

Wallet- General -101

Token Portfolio

Token Portfolio displays the composition of a wallet’s portfolio, including the token allocation by individual tokens and by ecosystem, and the portfolio value over various time periods. The Pie Chart visualization allows for easy viewing of a wallet's asset makeup and the Token Portfolio Value line chart illustrates the changes in token portfolio value over time.


Wallet Relationship

The Wallet Relationship feature reveals other wallets that have recently engaged in transactions with the wallet you are viewing, and displays the transaction volume, transaction number, direction of these transactions, and when it occurred. The Wallet Relational Graph provides a visual representation of these interactions, making it easier to understand and surface these relationships.

Clicking on any wallet address will redirect you to a blockchain explorer so you can see additional details.


Token Trading Analysis

Token Trading Analysis is a powerful tool for analyzing token transactions. The top left section features a line graph that tracks the number of transactions both received and sent (Transaction Count) and the value of those transactions (Trading Value) over various time periods.


Recent Token Transfers

Recent Token Transfers shows the latest transaction history for the wallet and displays detailed trade data for each transaction. This data includes the token name, transaction ID, quantity, price (USD), value (USD), counterparty wallet, whether the transaction was sent or received, and when the transaction occurred.



  • Quickly access Wallet Analyzer through multiple entry points on the Skynet platform
  • Get high-level information on wallet characteristics like Token Millionaire or Whale status
  • Examine general info, token portfolio, wallet relationships, and token trading patterns
  • Clear, intuitive charts and graphs present wallet data for easy understanding
  • Gain insights into token holdings and trading patterns for better decision-making


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Etherscan is a powerful blockchain explorer that provides raw and extensive data on Ethereum-based transactions, addresses, and tokens. It is an excellent tool for users who want access to comprehensive information on crypto wallets and their activities.


  • Comprehensive data on transactions, addresses, and tokens
  • Detailed information on ERC-20 and ERC-721 token transfers
  • Allows users to set up email alerts for specific addresses
  • Comprehensive set of pre-built graphs
  • Raw data can be difficult to process and analyze
  • Primarily focused on the Ethereum blockchain, with limited support for other chains

Dune Analytics

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Dune Analytics offers a more customizable approach to tracking crypto wallets, allowing users to create feature-rich custom dashboards that provide tailored insights into specific wallet activities. With a robust set of tools and features, Dune Analytics allows for a high degree of flexibility in analyzing wallet data.


  • Customizable dashboards for tailored insights
  • Supports a variety of blockchain networks
  • Rich set of tools and features for in-depth analysis
  • Relatively steep learning curve when creating custom dashboards
  • May be overwhelming for users with limited technical knowledge


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Nansen provides institutional-grade research and data-driven insights into the world of cryptocurrencies, with a focus on helping users make informed investment decisions. While not free, Nansen's powerful tools and features may be worth the investment for serious traders and investors.


  • Institutional-grade research and data-driven insights
  • Detailed information on top wallets, including labeled addresses
  • Advanced tools for analyzing wallet activities and trends
  • Not free; pricing may be prohibitive for average retail users
  • May be overwhelming or unnecessary for users with limited investment needs


Etherscan, Dune Analytics, Nansen, and Skynet each offer unique advantages when it comes to tracking top crypto wallets. Depending on your needs, goals, and technical abilities, one of these tools may be the perfect fit for you. Etherscan is an excellent option for those looking for raw, comprehensive data on Ethereum-based transactions and addresses. Dune Analytics, with its customizable dashboards, is a great choice for users who want to dive deep into wallet analysis. For those seeking institutional-grade research and insights, Nansen's powerful tools and features are hard to beat.

Skynet for Community is an all-in-one, completely free Web3 analytics platform that puts security front and center. It's a powerful tool for retail users that makes doing due diligence easy.

Whichever tool you choose, tracking and analyzing top crypto wallets can provide valuable insights and help you stay informed in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.