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CertiK's Journey to Samsung's Security Hall of Fame

At CertiK, we're renowned for pioneering blockchain security solutions. Our Skyfall team’s proactive security research is a testament to this spirit of innovation. Recently, Skyfall earned a major honor, securing a top five place in Samsung's Mobile Security Hall of Fame for 2023. This accolade is not just a recognition of their skill and dedication, but also an affirmation of our ongoing commitment to cutting-edge cybersecurity research. Skyfall’s work stands out for its depth, technical precision, and real-world impact, all of which we are proud to see recognized by Samsung.

CertiK's Journey to Samsung's Security Hall of Fame

The Skyfall team uncovered seven vulnerabilities in the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, a platform instrumental in managing private keys on Samsung's devices. Four of these were confirmed as Critical by Samsung, with the other three assessed at a High level of severity. These vulnerabilities, if exploited, posed severe risks, including the potential for arbitrary code execution and unauthorized access to sensitive data. Samsung's prompt and efficient response to these discoveries is commendable. The company rapidly deployed security patches to address these vulnerabilities, incorporating crucial boundary checks and protection mechanisms.

Samsung Mobile Security Hall of Fame Recognition

Samsung's stature in South Korea's technology sector is nothing short of monumental. The 85 year old firm is a cornerstone of the nation's technological advancement and economic growth. The company's foray into mobile blockchain technology marks a significant stride, marrying its legacy of innovation with the rapidly-growing Web3 world. This move not only cements Samsung's position as a tech giant but also propels South Korea to the forefront of embracing and integrating blockchain solutions in mainstream technology.

The recognition by Samsung is a credit to our cybersecurity influence in South Korea, particularly important at a time when the country is witnessing a surging interest in crypto, blockchain, and Web3 technologies. This growing demand – especially evident in sectors like gaming, as seen with companies like WeMade diving into blockchain-based gaming – opens up opportunities for CertiK to lead in blockchain security innovations in South Korea’s next-generation internet landscape.

Skyfall's achievements extend beyond this recent recognition. The team has established a history of significant contributions to cybersecurity, including notable recognitions in Apple’s iOS and iPadOS security notes. One of their most impactful discoveries was the HamsterWheel vulnerability in the SUI network, which earned the team a substantial bug bounty. Each of these accomplishments reflects Skyfall's breadth and depth of expertise, as well as their profound impact on the Web3 security landscape.

One of our engineers received a special mention from Samsung, and we congratulate Dawuge on his own induction into the Samsung Mobile Security Hall of Fame for 2023.

The power and importance of collaboration cannot be overstated. Our experiences, notably with industry giants like Samsung and Apple, clearly demonstrate how partnerships between cybersecurity experts and technology leaders can lead to major advances in security. These collaborations are not just about addressing current vulnerabilities but are also crucial for anticipating future challenges and setting new standards in blockchain security.

We’re excited to be positioned at the forefront of blockchain security, helping shape the future of the industry with relentless innovation and deep expertise. Our commitment to advancing cybersecurity remains central to everything we do. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible, ensuring that the Web3 world is more secure, more functional, and more resilient.

We invite everyone to join us on this journey. Follow our updates, engage with our research, and read our reports. Together, we are not just witnessing the evolution of Web3; we are actively shaping it.