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Doubling Down on Security: Skynet Insight and Active Monitor

Skynet is a security data platform designed for crypto projects looking to showcase their security and users who want to verify this data. Two features are key to this: Insight and Active Monitor.

Doubling Down on Security: Skynet Insight and Active Monitor

Bridging the Onchain Data Gap

Accessing and understanding on-chain data can be challenging. There’s a mountain of data out there, and while it may be transparent, it’s not always comprehensible. This is especially true for newer and smaller projects. Skynet Insight bridges this gap by providing easily-understood onchain analytics and insights into Web3 projects. Insight makes it simple to track community development, growth, price performance, health, and security profile.

Skynet Security Platform: Comprehensive On-Chain Analytics Dashboard

Skynet Insight highlights and visualizes metrics such as the total number of active users, transactions, and tokens transferred. These metrics provide a clear, unbiased view of project activity using onchain data. This helps users avoid unreliable sources and also makes it easy for projects to monitor their growth and community effectively, saving both time and money.

Recent Dynamics in Token Activity: Key Performance Indicators

Token Holder Distribution helps users and project owners understand key token metrics, such as the total number of token holders, the share of tokens held by major wallets (often referred to as "whales"), and how these numbers evolve over time.

Active Monitor: Post-Audit Coverage

Security doesn’t end with an audit. Skynet Active Monitor provides real-time monitoring of multiple key project assets including websites, smart contracts, social media, and GitHub repositories.

Skynet Security Dashboard: Active Monitor Interface

This comprehensive monitoring covers several important areas:

  • Website Security: Monitors website liveness, detects hijacking, validates certificates, and assesses web address integrity.
  • Code Repository Scanning: Scanning of source code using our in-house systems to identify vulnerabilities and verify dependencies.
  • Smart Contracts: Monitors onchain smart contract activity to detect abnormalities and potentially high-risk behaviors.
  • Social Media: Checks key community channels (X, Telegram, Discord) to identify malicious spam and phishing links.

With 24/7 coverage, Skynet Active Monitor delivers critical alerts when you need them. It also enhances transparency by providing easily-verifiable data about the security and reliability of monitored projects.

Both Skynet Insight and Skynet Active Monitor are essential tools for crypto projects aiming to improve their security in the most transparent and accessible way there is.

As the old crypto saying goes: Don’t trust, verify. Skynet makes it easy to display and refer to verifiable on-chain data and curated insights from security experts.

Get in touch today to learn more about how Skynet can enhance your project’s security and visibility, or search your favorite project to see what you can learn.