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Introducing Skynet's Wallet Security Leaderboard

Wallets are a critical part of Web3 security. In reality, they’re more than just a wallet, they’re a vault. But each wallet type, from hardware to software, hot to cold storage, offers its own unique set of features and security protocols. As a result, users often find themselves navigating a maze of choices, unsure of the best fit for their security needs and digital asset management.

Recognizing this challenge, we've introduced the Wallet Security Leaderboard on Skynet.

This new leaderboard is designed to offer users clear, detailed insights into the security features of different crypto wallets. Our goal is to simplify the understanding of wallet security and help users make informed decisions, enhancing their safety in the digital asset world.

Introducing Skynet's Wallet Security Leaderboard

The Wallet Security Leaderboard takes a comprehensive approach to wallet security, similar to our Exchange and Project Leaderboards. This new security model is designed specifically for wallets and analyzes several critical areas.

Security Score: At the core of our wallet leaderboard is the overall Security Score, offering a summarized view of a wallet's security status across different parameters identified by CertiK’s wallet security team.

MetaMask Security Score Overview

Cybersecurity Analysis: We scan a wallet’s web platforms, examining critical aspects such as Network and Application Security, and DNS Health. This section aims to gauge the effectiveness of a wallet's online security measures from their website.

MetaMask Cybersecurity Details and User Security Features

User Security Features: In our User Security section, we focus on personal data protection tools employed by wallets, including two-factor authentication (2FA), biometric security, and the robustness of their mobile applications. Adherence to basic security measures can help ensure a user’s wallet is safe by design.

Operational Resilience: We evaluate a wallet's ability to handle disruptions and recover from incidents. This includes evaluations of their Bug Bounty Programs and Incident History, providing a clear view of their responsiveness to security threats.

MetaMask Operational Resilience Skynet Dashboard

Wallet Maturity: We also explore each wallet's background and origins, covering aspects like establishment date, operational region, customer support quality, and mobile app ratings, to give users a comprehensive picture of a wallet's reliability and maturity.

CertiK's new Wallet Security Leaderboard offers users an intuitive interface to compare and analyze different wallets. This empowers users to make informed decisions when choosing a wallet for their digital assets.

We're committed to continually refining and updating our methodologies to align with the latest trends and best practices in wallet security. We believe that providing users with knowledge through Skynet is essential for building a safer and more robust digital asset environment.

Leverage our wallet security insights to stay informed, safeguard your assets, and interact confidently with the Web3 world.

Explore the Wallet Security Leaderboard now.