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Unstoppable Mobile Wallet App Passes Through Formal VAPT With CertiK
Unstoppable Mobile Wallet App Passes Through Formal VAPT With CertiK

NEW YORK, 27/02/2021 - We’re happy to announce that Unstoppable Wallet has successfully gone through a vulnerability assessment/penetration testing process with CertiK, in order to ensure the highest security standards in native operations.

Use-Case Profile

Unstoppable Wallet is open source crypto wallet built by Horizontal Systems that enables users to store, manage, trade, and swap their digital assets in an intuitive fashion.

Horizontal Systems aim at removing boundaries from the financial system, making markets and opportunities accessible to all, by building applications that provide open and unconditional access to the broader crypto market.

Code Review & Auditing Process

The initial audit was conducted between December 2nd and December 9th, 2020, while the first report was filed on December 10th, 2020. The last and final revision took place on February 5th this year.

CertiK engineers Peiyu Wang, and Minzhi He from the Professional Services Division provided guidance and expertise to the Unstoppable team throughout the VAPT audit.

CertiK PS engaged with the Unstoppable Wallet team, in order to identify potential vulnerability points while setting various parameters including but not limited to the limits on the scope of the test.

A “White Box” approach was the testing method where CertiK engineers performed the assessment based on the source code available at the public Horizontal Systems GitHub repository. (!)

Only four (4) findings were identified and presented in the vulnerability summary, of which one (1) was of informational nature, one (1) minor, and one (1) medium. No major or critical issues were found during the auditing process, and the Unstoppable team alleviated all findings highlighted by the CertiK Professional Services team, pointing towards a well-written codebase by the team’s engineers.

You can review the full audit here.

About Unstoppable Wallet

We dream of a world … where private property is untouchable and market access is unconditional. For us, the rights to property, privacy and open commerce means having the power to make independent choices in life affairs.

While our engineering journey as Horizontal Systems started back in 2014 we transitioned to blockchain technology only in 2018. That transition came as a result of poor experience dealing with emerging regulatory limitations and business-breaking problems, i.e., bank account closures and application denials from financial service providers on vague grounds.

The unwillingness to compromise directed us towards blockchain fintech. In 2018, we embarked on a journey to engineer a cryptocurrency wallet (even a personal bank) that is equally open to all, works everywhere without depending on centrally managed servers and designed to unconditionally protect the assets and privacy of the user.

Most wallets around back then were either desktop-based apps or pseudo wallets working in a centralized manner. We wanted a wallet that’s to large extent decentralized, doesn’t depend on centrally managed servers, and gives users unconditional control over the assets and privacy.

Today, the fundamentals of privacy are distorted, i.e., shown in a common misconception about privacy that it’s about having something to hide. We see property and privacy as an inherent human right which is crucial for preserving personal dignity.

Unstoppable Wallet built for seamless access to cryptocurrency markets without a middle man. It’s a verifiably open-source, non-custodial, and easy-to-use multi-crypto wallet with extensive market analytics instruments and the ability to trade cryptocurrencies via decentralized exchanges in a private manner.

Also in version 0.19, we added one of the most anticipated features of the Market Tab

Market Tab enables anyone to browse cryptocurrency tokens, filter tokens by market criteria (i.e volume, price change, and market cap), and browse cryptocurrency tokens by category for easy comparison of similar projects.

We are happy with how it turned out and planning to add even cooler stuff to the markets tab in the next version. Specifically, we are looking to auto categorize the projects based on the risk/quality factors using on-chain data as well as trading volume/liquidity for the project.

About CertiK

We at CertiK strive to secure the cyberworld regardless of the nature of each project that might be entrusting the integrity of its operations on DLTs and smart contracts and our numbers are loud about it.

Over the past few years, we've audited and secured more than 150 smart contracts, and over 25 whole chains, while our security experts have performed more than 20 VAPTs for top-shelf industry pioneers including but not limited to Binance, Tera, Kava, e-Money,, Akropolis, Bancor, Shapeshift, and Blockstack.

To learn more about smart contracts, and find out the most optimal way to secure your next venture, don't hesitate to connect with one of our engineers and get a free consultation today.


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