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Introducing Skynet for Community

CertiK is excited to announce the launch of Skynet for Community, an all-in-one security, due diligence, and insights platform that aims to advance trust and transparency in the Web3 ecosystem. The platform is designed to empower community users, investors, and project teams with the tools and resources needed to navigate the Web3 ecosystem with confidence. Whether it’s conducting comprehensive due diligence with actionable on-chain and social data, discovering new projects that have recently completed smart-contract auditing, or tapping into valuable industry insights and security best practices, Skynet for Community streamlines the process and presents it all under one easy-to-use platform. With a newly designed interface and powerful functionalities, Skynet for Community is the ultimate tool for making informed decisions and fostering trust and transparency in the Web3 ecosystem.

Introducing Skynet for Community


The homepage of Skynet for Community defaults to “Discovery”. This page serves as a starting point for you to easily search for projects of interest and to explore new projects. There are a variety of categories available, such as “Top Projects by Security Score”, "Top Projects by Market & Community", "Top Smart Contracts", "Top Smart Money Wallets", “Top Influencers”, “Recent News” and “Trending Social Feeds”. The homepage also offers easy access points for viewing recently audited projects, audits in progress, and top mentioned tokens. The Discovery page enables you to discover new projects with ease, by providing an at-a-glance view of top projects by category.

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The Security Score Leaderboard lists and ranks projects according to their Security Score. The Security Score is generated using a proprietary algorithm that takes into account a project’s Code Security, Fundamental Health, Operational Resilience, Community Trust, Market Stability, and Governance Strength. The Security Score Leaderboard allows you to quickly identify top performing projects based on their security posture and to see how they compare to their peers.

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The Verified Teams Leaderboard lists and ranks projects based on the status of their CertiK KYC Badge. Project teams that successfully undergo a rigorous background investigation are granted the CertiK KYC Badge, which comes in Gold, Silver, or Bronze. The Badge demonstrates a project team’s commitment to certain compliance measures and gives users assurance that a team behind a project has been verified according to CertiK KYC standards.

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The Influencer Score Leaderboard lists and ranks Web3 influencers based on their influence score, which reflects the impact and reach of their content and online presence. This leaderboard is helpful for users who are interested in identifying influencers who are shaping the conversation in Web3. Additionally, it provides a glimpse into the communities or projects they may be associated with, giving users a sense of what’s popular or trending in the space.

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Due Diligence Tools

Our current suite of due diligence tools include the Exchange Audit, Smart Money Wizard, and Skynet Alerts.

Exchange Audit allows users to conduct due diligence on centralized exchanges (CEX) by displaying the on-chain asset holdings in the wallet addresses controlled by the exchanges. This is an important first step for proof-of-reserve verification.

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Skynet Alerts is a system that provides timely notifications on rugpulls and exploits in the cryptocurrency space. Skynet Alerts constantly monitors various sources of information to identify and report on potential rugpulls and exploits as they happen.

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Smart Money Wizard is the access point for the Wallet Analyzer feature, and enables users to directly search for wallet addresses, view trending wallet searches, top smart money wallets, and top liquidity pairs. The Wallet Analyzer feature provides insights on wallet addresses and makes it easy to decipher on-chain transactions between wallets by displaying key wallet characteristics, visualizing wallet relationships and token trading activity.

You can also access the Wallet Analyzer through "Top Smart Money Wallets" on the Discovery page or by clicking on any wallet address within the Token On-Chain Monitoring and Governance & Autonomy modules on the Project Details Page. This will redirect you to an individual Wallet Analyzer page for that specific address.

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Skynet 101

Skynet 101 is an educational resource center designed to help you understand and master the features and functions of our platform. The resource center offers a wide range of tutorials and guides, from the basics of website navigation to the intricacies of our advanced analytical tools. Through the tutorials and guides, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the methodology behind our tools, and how to effectively utilize them. Whether you’re new to Skynet for Community or looking to expand your knowledge, Skynet 101 is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to deepen their expertise.

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Navigating the Web3 ecosystem can be a daunting task, but with Skynet for Community, you have access to all the necessary tools and resources to do so with confidence. The platform offers a wealth of security and due diligence features to help you identify and mitigate risks, and provides access to industry insights that keep you informed and up-to-date with the latest developments.

With its user-friendly interface, comprehensive analytical tools, and expert insights, the Skynet for Community platform empowers you to make better-informed decisions and promotes trust and transparency in the Web3 space. Whether you are an individual, project team, or enterprise, the platform has something to offer for everyone. Visit and start exploring today.